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Daily lubrication and anti rust measures of steel wire rope

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 With the customer demand and the wire rope enterprises and high-end boutique development strategy, the domestic steel wire rope, cable, oil companies after ten years of scientific research, production and technical services, from the variety, quality, to enhance the market competitiveness has to provide, on the market at home and abroad from the end to metal anti rust and lubrication of high-end products all varieties, have passed ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, some products through safety certification, ROHS certification, service in the domestic high-end steel wire, steel wire and cable manufacturing enterprises and international famous company, to provide a complete solution to the high-end products of metal lubrication and rust.
Lubrication and maintenance of steel wire rope of elevator
Elevator wire rope is transmitted by friction and power tools, work frequently, running speed, requirements of steel wire rope and drag (pronounced y) to create a good friction wheel, has good lubrication between the steel wire rope, stock, maintenance of oil should have good permeability, good adhesion to grease to be safe, stable, and long-lived operation. This requires the oil to reach the following performance: elevator rope and hemp core grease has high viscosity, slow to supply lubricant to the outer surface of the wire; grease should have good adhesion and friction coefficient; maintenance of oil should have good permeability and the convenience of construction.
Grease two, steel core aluminium wire, aluminium wire
Steel core aluminium wire, aluminium wire as the conductor, working in bad conditions, need antiseptic treatment, this is the international practices of European and International Electrotechnical standards have bridge cable, also need antiseptic treatment. Steel core aluminium wire grease with high dropping point, low temperature and good adhesion, neutral oil, good antirust property, with BSEN50326 and IEC61394 two standards. Become a famous foreign enterprises in the domestic procurement of designated oil.
Anti rust agent three, smooth steel wire, galvanized steel wire
Smooth steel wire has two to three months before further processing customers, atmospheric environment, rusty black, can not only reduce the image of the product, and the wire strength decreased. Rust inhibitor on the surface of the steel wire to form molecular anti rust film, tons of silk consumption of 0.3 kg, online brushing, without increasing the process, low cost, to achieve the purpose of rust proof period of more than four months. The anti rust agent does not affect the processing, electroplating and coating process of the product.
Galvanized steel wire in the wet environment will be long haired raw white rust, direct impact on product image and sales. Galvanized steel wire rust inhibitor can effectively prevent the white rust, keep the metal silver. Dry film, strong water resistance, high and low temperature stability, good metal adhesion, online brushing, no increase in working procedures, tons of 0.5 kg, rust cost low.
Antirust grease four, port of wire rope
High strength, high load crane wire rope, the strength and life of the wire rope has high standards, select grease quality is more important. IRIS-655, IRIS-255, IRIS-200 in quality can be comparable with imported products, the use of many domestic enterprises for many years of production, verification. The product has the characteristics of high dropping point, strong adhesion and good rust prevention and lubrication.



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